What is River City Supply Co?

Central Wisconsin is one of the most picturesque places in the country. With the Wisconsin River cutting through great pine forests and prairies, it’s really no wonder that pioneers chose this place to settle. The area we now call Wisconsin Rapids was originally settled in the 1830s, and started off as two separate cities on either side of the river. These cities, Grand Rapids and Centralia merged in 1900, and changed their name to Wisconsin Rapids in 1920 in order to avoid confusion with Grand Rapids, Michigan. Throughout cultural differences on either side of the river, the city grew into a great mill town.

The river and trees were a perfect combination for logging. The first dam and mill were created by Daniel Whitney, but more recently the town has been dominated by the Verso paper mill. This monstrous mill, which employed over 900 people, shut down recently. The resilient people of Wisconsin Rapids have thrived after this huge change, and the mill may even be redeveloped into something that helps foster the town’s growth in the future.

Our store is meant to be a place for outdoorsy folks, sports enthusiasts, and fashionistas alike to come together. We never want to limit ourselves to one niche because we believe that the people of Wisconsin Rapids deserve a shop that is as unique in interests as they are. We know that Central Wisconsin has a bright future and want to grow with the area.

We want to provide the great people of this town with an opportunity to get products that represent them at affordable prices. We encourage them to suggest brands for us to carry as well–we’re always looking to update our offerings to better reflect the area’s interests.